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We have partnered with the following organizations to ensure your donations reach those who need it most. 

International Institute of Los Angeles (IILA): a non-profit organization based out of Los Angeles that has been vital for the resettlement process for Afghan refugees and asylum seekers. This organization has been offering humanitarian support since 1914, and their work for Afghans has been monumental. IILA has recently partnered with local Afghan-Americans to assist in the transitional period of newly resettle refugees. Together, they welcome their resettled asylum seekers at the airport, escorts them to their temporary housing accommodations, and provides social services for the first 2-4 weeks of their arrival. In this time, they are instrumental in the transition period for refugees as they are registered for government assistance, look for housing, and are granted employment. They have provided significant transparency in their daily operations, and have really formed a true partnership with the Afghan-American community of Southern California. Please visit their website for additional information:

Zamir Foundation: a newly established non-profit based out of Afghanistan and Europe, and soon the United States. This organization was founded in 2020 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As poverty and homelessness crippled the lives of thousands, the Zamir Foundation generated funds to provide food and resources to the homeless living in tents at local parks. Please visit their website for additional information:

If you have the means, please donate. Every penny counts. You'll make a direct and tangible impact in the lives of these young families and their children. 

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