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On August 16, 2021, the world witnessed tragedy and chaos in Kabul, Afghanistan; but the story of the Afghan people goes beyond the tragedies and atrocities this country has faced over the past century. The narrative of the Afghan people is stained with the misdeeds of a small minority of individuals. The story of Afghan culture and its people never receives the context it deserves. 

KONTEXT is an apparel company that highlights cultural and historical references to Afghanistan and the Middle East. The goal of this website is twofold: 1) fill a fashion void for proud natives looking to represent their culture 2) raise money for humanitarian relief efforts in Afghanistan and abroad. Our team is composed of young professionals who are donating their time, their resources and their skillset. They are working for free to maximize donation efforts. 


The world is your oyster, your shirt is our canvas, and may the images upon them bring you pride, joy, and gratitude. May you forever control the narrative of your life, and may your story be forever told with kontext, because no story is complete without KONTEXT. 

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